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released August 16, 2014


all rights reserved



HOON Wollongong, Australia

Wollongong, AU
beer fueled alternative punk / garage

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Track Name: ENIGMA
Down the sheltered road of blissful fiction, welcome into beloved desire. Next to the man with the pulsing retina, step aside for the thriving fire. Walking up to you is an utter enigma, Dancing to the view of her Sapphire eyes. Laying next to you is a faithful perception, holding you down with her marvelled mind. Pulling and tearing you in every direction, taking all of the pieces to improve her bind. When marvelling calls and she's asking to see you, all you can do is drop to the floor. Break at the scent of this utter enigma, after this taste, you'll be screaming, for more. So, the muse, induced confusion and now she's holding you down with her sapphire eyes. Laying next to you is a faithful perception, laying next to you is Miss Faithful. Let her go.
Track Name: GIMME DAT
Give me what i want, give me what i need.
Give me all you have and what you have that's free.
I want a habitat, that's reality.
I want to test, i want possibility.
I want to relax, i want to sit still.
I want sincerity, i don't want to eat pills.
I don't care what you're giving to me and i don't want what you happen to need.
I don't care that you're breaking down,
i don't care that your'e going to drown.
Give me what i want, give me what i need.
Give me all you have and what you have that's free.
I want a habit that's reality.
I want to test, i want possibility.
I want conclusion, termination, isolation.
Cheap thrills, Give me cheap thrills.
I don't want your invitation, i don't want to embrace you, i don't care that you're struggling.
I don't care for what you're battling.
Give me a reason, actually, i don't care.
Just give me that baby.
As i don't think you care you never were going to.
You never were.
Escape to a world of purity, or wander in the gardens we know.
Do we dare to go back or live here where the people really care?
We can thrive through the night for as long as we like,
as we have learn't a few lessons about life.
Its a sleepless life, with a society to fight.
You better indulge in the light.

Now, show me your beauty, now show me your soul.
New lights shining from an unstable hole.
New lights shining from a vulnerable soul.
Now we are free, finally, weightless in a wonderland and all i have is what's in my hand, for the start of new life.
That is, blank, yet bliss.
That is black, yet bliss…..

Let's go ahead and enter the terminal abyss.
Let's leave all reason and enter the terminal abyss.

See, there is so many different people,
so many different lives
and they seem to be so equal at this certain place in time, but seemingly enough, they've all got things to say.
So excuse me, honey, while i slowly drift away.
Track Name: BAD BOY
So, the other day i was walking in my dreams.
Daze in daze out psychotic beams of light.
They pierce my naked eye and encourage a view of a man about to die.
Thats me, constant company,
surrounded on the floor
people pushing through the door
of the bathroom, of the stall.
Blood on the knife, in the halls, on the walls.
It's a tragedy, i am in denial
of the truth and the proof
this is life not a trial.
Now the lights are on
and all can see
the current situations like a bomb and it's debris.
All around, people keep on screaming,
but i can't hear a woo, whisper or a single sound.
It's a memory, but is it real?
the truth is gone i can no longer see.
So is it me? it might be?
Complying, to the messed up me.
Track Name: FROLIC
He was a stallion, a monarch, an injustice, a whore
a sleaze, a preacher, a key for your door.
He pulled you down to your naked knees
and left behind a new reason for please

Please don't shun me., please don't disregard
the dedication I've provided you this far.
Please don't hit me and please don't scream,
i cheated your mind and cheated your dreams

Didn't you know that the goddess moved away?
she left you behind, to wither, to fray
And didn't you know that the Goddess is free?
she left in an instant and left you with me.

You smell like the carrion.
You look like the dead.
You are no longer sensibility.
it constructs in your head

Your mind is now bitter
Your mind is now paste
contained inside of you
converting to waste

So run along to the indefinite
run until you find what you need
find a new goddess
one already on her knees
Day in, Day out the same old fears
alongside the same old tears.
Sunrise, sunset she pierces my ears.
My hands, they shake, my minds unclear
and if this isn't sorted out i think ill have to blow.
It's a constant indulgence of self sympathy
in a 1 versus 3 democracy.
The pains here to stay and the man's struggling to stay sane.
He's running to avoid the perils of the acid rain
Day in day out, the same old fear,
alongside the same old tears.
Close one door but it happens to open three.
I'll keep pumping myself with caffeine and nicotine
while words lash out from her lonely lips,
there are now two men both struggling to keep their grips
of the world, they created over years.
Both men are now breaking to the devils tears.
Only an illusion of self worth remains,
it was sucked dry by the devils inflicted pain,
by the Devil's tears.
Day in day out, the same old fears,
alongside, the same old tears.
If i have to stay here, I think i'll blow.
Track Name: M.A.M.L
There's mania gushing out from you
There's hysteria she is gushing out too
Wheres marvelling? when you lost out
Tied in filth without a doubt

so you're travelling through your hindsight
making things close to right
hysteria she has taken control
mania he has disrupted the roll

haste, waste, devastate
trace, case, second space
mint, mine, tattered twine
sick, silk, secret swine.

Mania he has disrupted the roll
hysteria she has taken control
Wheres marvelling? when you lost out
Tied in filth without a doubt

So you're travelling through your hindsight,
but you're never going to make it back there.

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